Alan Clegg
Owner, Installer, Sales, Service Tech, You-Name-It

Let me just start by saying, this has been one heck-of-a ride for us!

Since my Dad was a contractor, I grew up on construction sites. I was called the jobsite “gopher” meaning, “Hey Alan, go fer this and go fer that.” I felt like all my friends got to enjoy their summers, but I was stuck on a hot, dirty construction site handing my Dad tools and picking up scrap material. I promised myself that I would never work construction or have the uncertainty of owning a business. Like I said earlier, this has been one heck-of-a ride. Even though this isn’t what I planned out as my career path, I wouldn’t have it any other way. In the construction field, home theater installers are classified as “low voltage technicians”. A good home theater guy should have a solid background of everything low voltage related. A few low voltage systems are: security, phones, data (networks), speakers, fire alarm, cable, and satellite. If your home theater guy can’t handle all these systems, KICK HIM TO THE CURB! He hasn’t been properly trained.

My path started in 2001 during college at a part-time job at Best Buy. They taught me the home theater basics, but what they really gave me was a desire to learn more. Even though I had a great time, the pay was pretty low, even for a part-time job. I was only there a few months when I got offered a job as a low voltage technician’s apprentice on commercial buildings. I received outstanding training and experience there. I was able to run my own jobs after about a year which included: high-rise hotels and apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and strip malls.

A little later, I was offered a job as a foreman doing low voltage installations on residential buildings. That job was a blast. I learned the differences between residential and commercial construction. I also got to see what a wall looks like behind the drywall in a million different scenarios. This would prove to be priceless experience for me.

From the time I left Best Buy, I moonlighted as a home theater installer. That meant that I had to learn everything the hard way: intense study and long, long, long work weeks. At first, it was one or two jobs a month, then one or two jobs a week. Soon, we had a steady flow of work coming our way. One day, my wife and I talked and decided to take this seriously. I went out and got my low voltage contractor license and the business took off. Even in this down economy, our business grows every year.

This is a very competitive market and it is infested with unlicensed contractors and home theater slobs with very professional looking websites. Everyone assumes we are all the same and only the prices are different. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Skilled labor is expensive. Running a legit business is expensive. We are not successful because our prices are “unbeatable, rock-bottom, etc.” We are successful because we do what we say we will do, and we are really good at it. Our customer service is second to none. I am available from 8 am – 9 pm, Mon – Sat for all customer service calls and visits if necessary. We know we are the best in the business and prove that to our customers every day. Our business is built on a solid foundation of clients that will not let anyone else touch their system and refer us to everyone they know.

It’s crazy to see how far we have come in the last few years, and I’m excited to see what the next few years have in store for us.

Contractors License #: 896875