While you are planning the home theater budget, be sure to add $200-$300 (or more) for accessories to make your equipment perform better, last longer, and be easier to use.  Some systems can be more complex than adding simple accessories.  Since it would be impossible to mention every type of accessory that you may need for your installation, we are only covering the most common here.

Wall Mounts:  If you are planning on hanging your TV on the wall, you must have a wall mount.  You have a variety of options, but the three most common are fixed, tilting, and articulating.  Fixed mounts hold the TV flat to the wall.  Tilting brackets allow you to tilt the TV down which is great when the TV is mounted above eye level.  Articulating mounts tilt and pull off the wall.  They are great for mounting a TV in the corner, in a soffit, or on a wall with a rock or brick  face.  They also allow you to turn the TV so you can watch it while in another room like the kitchen.

            Fixed Mount
      Tilting Mount
    Articulating Mount

Cables:  Many installations will only require HDMI cables, but the majority will require at least one other type of cable.  Check out our wiring guide for more information.  Generally, 12′ is the length needed when you mount the TV above the components on a fixed or tilting mount.  20′-25′ is the length that you often need when you mount the TV above the fireplace.

        12′ HDMI Cable
     12′ Component Video Cable



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