How to Choose Picture Size

Ready for some simple math?  Here is how you do it:

  1. Find the distance from your chair to your TV in INCHES
  2. Divide that number by 4

That is max HEIGHT of your future TV.  Note: this is HEIGHT not picture size.   Now you just look into the TV spec sheet to see how tall it actually is.

Let’s see an example:

Dave sits 10 feet away from the TV.  10 feet = 120 inches. 120/4= 30 inches.  Dave found out that he can buy a TV up to 30 inches tall.  He does research and finds out that a TV 30 inches high has a picture size of 50″.

Now Dave calls So Cal Home Theater and tells them he wants an awesome 50″ TV.  They deliver a brand new Samsung LED panel and install it in his living room.  Dave celebrates by having all his buddies over for the Charger game.  Dave has never been happier.

Are you serious about 3D TV?  The size equation goes out the window.  When you watch 3D, the guys at THX recommend that the screen dominate your field of vision.  That means at 10′ you should have an 82″ screen.  I know that’s not possible in most homes, so the rule of thumb: get the biggest stinkin’ TV you can get.

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