The following videos were taken from a real installation.  In this installation, we installed a TV above the fireplace with the components to the left.  We will have more videos soon.

Even though your installation won’t be exactly like this one, you can apply the information gained here to help you in your own install.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  We recommend you watch them all in order.

PLEASE NOTE:  WE ARE NOT FILM MAKERS, WE ARE INSTALLERS!  The video quality is low and our editing is terrible, but the information is great.  We aren’t making any money on this video so we didn’t spend any money making it- and it shows.  Take notes and enjoy the following videos with an open mind and you might learn something new.  We are always open to suggestions!

Intro to the project

How to install the TV bracket

Which cables to install

Cutting in boxes

Finding obstacles

Making a plan

Installing the cables

Installing the outlet and cover plates

How to patch the holes

Putting the TV on the wall