Cable TV/Satellite

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New RG6 cable runs start at $125*

*The price will vary depending on: Difficulty of installation, distance, obstacles, and accessibility. 

  Don’t let cable or satellite installers mess up your house! Get it done right.  Those of you that have had the cable or satellite company install your cable lines know what a disaster that can be.  Let us run them the right way- in your walls and out of sight, keeping your home beautiful. Most older homes will be wired with a cable called RG59 which will keep you from getting digital cable, high-speed internet, or satellite signals.  Your home must be wired using a higher grade cable called RG6. If you’re experiencing problems with picture or sound quality, it’s probably due to bad cabling and you will need to have your cabling fixed or replaced.  Some symptoms of weak signals are: fuzzy or grainy pictures, missing channels, and pictures freezing. If you need some work done on your cabling or if you’d like to add some lines around the house, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the quality installation that you deserve.