Home Theater Hook-up

Home Theater Hook-Up: $150

We make it really easy.  If you don’t feel like tackling your home theater system, let us handle it.

Maybe it’s working now, but you think it could be better.  Chances are, it probably could be.

If you did it yourself or if you had a big box store handle it for you, your system probably isn’t performing at its full potential.

A home theater hook-up includes:

  • Properly connecting all your home theater components
  • Neatly dressing all cables
  • Programming your cable remote to control your system.  Please have your remote programming book on hand so we can have the programming codes.
  • Instruction on how to use the new system

This price does not include any cables that might be needed.  We will NOT run any speaker cables or install any cables through the walls.  This service is for connecting home theater components only.

This service usually only takes 2 hours so give us a call.