Fireplace Niche

Installation only: $250

Complete Package: $400

Please note that installing a TV above a fireplace can be a fire hazard if not done properly.  The wires cannot contact or come close to contacting any part of the fireplace or smoke stack.  Installations like the one shown above shouldn’t need any excess holes to be cut in the drywall in order to get the wires hidden.

What is included in the fireplace niche  installation (installation time: 3-5 hours):

  • Mount the TV with the components in a niche immediately adjacent to the fireplace (as seen above)
  • Hide all the cables in the walls
  • Secure cables behind the walls to eliminate any risk of coming into contact with any part of the fireplace or smoke stack
  • Neatly dress all the cables behind the components
  • Provide wall plates for clean, professional look
  • Provide instruction on how to use the system
  • Program a customer provided cable/satellite remote (please be sure to have your remote programming manual so we can get the correct codes)

Complete Package Includes:

  • New electrical outlet behind TV
  • Tilt mount for 40″-70″ TV**
  • 2 X 15′ long HDMI cables

** For TV’s larger than 70″ add $75**


If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation, please contact us.