Network Installation


What is a network?

With high-speed internet becoming more and more common, it’s important to have a properly installed networkA  network is the connection of multiple computers to one source.  In  most cases, a network starts with the internet line plugging into a modem.    A modem is what converts the internet signal from the street into a  usable signal for your computer.  The modem is connected to a router  which  acts like an internet splitter.  Then, each computer location has a  dedicated wire (called Cat5 or Cat6) ran to the router.

Why should you get a wired network?

Almost every new TV, Blu Ray player, and A/V receiver wants to hook up to your network.  Not only will a network allow you to stream Netflix,  YouTube videos, and Pandora, but your equipment needs a network  connection to download firmware updates (which keeps it up to date).

Want to have an awesome game night for your kids?

You can use your wired  network to connect up to four Xbox’s together which allows 16 kids to  play together in the safety of your home!

Wired vs. Wireless internet:

You also have the option of getting a wireless internet  connection which is just a router that sends the internet signal through  the air so you can pick up the signal throughout your house.  There are  a few problems with wireless networks.  They are not as reliable or as  fast as a wired network, and you will have to buy expensive adapters to  connect your non-compatible wireless devices to the network.  Since a  wireless router just sends the signal out a given distance, it doesn’t  keep others from freeloading off your internet account or even worse-  they can hack into your personal computer.  For these reasons, a wired  network is a much better choice for your home.  Even though it is more  expensive, in the long run you’ll be much happier and more secure.


 New Cat5 network runs start at $125*

*The price will vary depending on: difficulty of installation, distance, obstacles, and accessibility.