New Construction or Remodels


While you’re in construction or remodel mode, the sky is the limit.  You have the flexibility of installing any system you want. The best  advice I could ever give is this: Install cabling for every system you  have ever dreamed of having. Even if you can’t afford to install the  system now, with the wiring backbone installed, the actual system  installation will be a fraction of the cost. Far too often, people call  us when the remodel is almost finished or the drywall is about to go up.  That may be too late. You need to act before the insulation and drywall  are installed.

One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make is having your  electrician install your low voltage systems (low voltage systems are:  cable TV, surround sound, network cabling, security alarm, TV, phones,  etc). Even though their license covers our trade as well, if you aren’t a  low voltage contractor, you will make too many mistakes. One mistake is  too many, but electrical contractors make dozens. Are they familiar  with new technology so they can make sure you are getting the exact  system you want? Will they install the correct cables in the correct  places? For example, every electrician installs an AC outlet and cable  jack above the fireplace for mounting a TV. Sounds good, right? Wrong.  The cable box doesn’t go above the fireplace, so why is the cable jack  there? Now you have a serious problem. You need to get an HDMI cable  from the real cable box location to the TV above the fireplace. That  will require cutting open your new walls. That’s just a relatively small  mistake. Don’t get me started on running speaker cables without a  volume control. It makes me twitch just thinking about it. The truth is  that electricians and low voltage contractors are two completely  different trades. We work in this field every day and keep up with  ever-changing technology. 

Save yourself the headache and choose the  right team for the job.

Before you make any decisions, set up an appointment for a free  consultation. We will make sure you are going in the right direction  even if you don’t use our services.