Security and Camera Systems


When we purchased our home, we decided to install a simple wired  alarm system.  Needless to say, we wanted the safety and security of an alarm, but we also wanted “talking” keypads to help keep track of our small children.  Now, when they open a door or window, the keypad tells  us exactly what they did. We LOVE  this feature because it helps  keep track of where our children are at all times.  

Sounds expensive right?


It’s just a keypad we added to a simple alarm panel.

Security cameras aren’t new, but with added IP capability, you can  monitor your home or business anywhere you go.  Many criminals are  deterred just knowing you have a camera installed.  Our day/night  cameras are crystal clear and very easy to use.

Many insurance providers will give you a discount for having a  security system installed.  It’s an added bonus on top of protecting  your home and family.  

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