Frequently Asked Questions

 This website is crammed full of useful information.  For a lot of these answers we will send you to our Buyer’s Guide and Wiring guide.  If you have a question we don’t answer here, feel free to contact us. 



See what our awesome customers have to say about us:

“Great! The team to came to do the install was very professional and  did excellent work. The price was very reasonable. We would not hesitate  to hire them again or refer them to anyone who needs their services.  Thanks so much!” -Lisa P.

“Amazing.  With such an overhaul there were a few glitches, but Alan  and  the team were tireless in fixing it…I have asked them to come back  twice since then to do additional AV projects because they are that  good!!  Really appreciated walking through the details, then performing  and installing exactly what they said that they were going to do.   Always on time, always responsive, very good results.” -Chris P.

“We had gotten a quote for the same work earlier in the year from  another company. Their quote was $1400!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn’t want to  spend that much money so we decided to explore our options and thank God  we did!!! One call to So Cal (plus a quick photo texted to the office  for estimate purposes) and we got an estimate for $300. They were so low  that I told them about the other quote and they were beside themselves.  So I booked then and there 3 days later they hung the TV and their  drywall guy is here right now patching two holes about 1/2″ by 6″. The  drywall repair was an extra $150 (without painting) but with what I  saved on the actual install I could hire a professional painter to blend  the drywall patching in.” -John H.

“We are very happy with the professional, quick, honest and  reasonably priced experience that the staff at So Cal Home Theater gave  us. Everything was very smooth, from the initial quote to the install.  This was a very pleasant experience and now we can actually hear our  movies. Thanks so much guys!!!!!!” -Grace A.

“If you want a theatre in your  home – this is the ONLY call you need  to make. From my first call to the day they left our house and said  goodbye, these folks made this a purely joyful process. Even today I can  call them with follow-up questions. I could write 10,000 words about So  Cal Home Theatre. Let me write a few: Spectacular. Experts. Affordable.  Trustworthy. Reliable. Congruent. Make just one call. To these guys!”  -Jerry C.