Where Do I Start?

Additional Information


Before you make any purchases, you need to answer these questions:

What is your budget?
For most people, this will be the determining factor as to how far they  can go.  Don’t forget to budget for cables, mounts, a power conditioner,  and a remote.

Which speakers will you install and where will you install them?
We have a pretty thorough explanation of speakers and placement here.

Where will you put the components (DVD player, cable box, etc) and is there a cable or satellite jack there?
Don’t limit yourself to any one location.  Think outside the box.  You  might consider installing your components in the rear of a room or in a  closet.  It will add to the installation price, but you can gain a lot  of open space.   Moving a cable or satellite jack isn’t that difficult  but will add a little to the cost of installation.

What will you connect to your system (Wii game console, iPod dock, patio speakers, a second TV, etc)?
Think of everything.  You need to make sure your receiver is compatible  with all your devices and that you leave enough room for adding future  devices.  You will need to know which wires you will be installing to  connect the devices as well.  Check out our wiring guide for more information.

Is 3D important to you?
3D is here to stay.  If you want it, you will need a 3D Blu-ray player, a 3D TV, and a 3D receiver.  Check out the links for more information.

Will you be streaming any content?
Streaming is AWESOME! Check out the link more information.

How will you control your system?
DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS!!  This is everything.  This will determine if you  really enjoy your system or not.  You will need a custom remote- no  question about it.  Whether you buy one from us, or any big box store,  plan on spending $100-$150 on a custom remote.  If you’re skeptical, you  can buy a remote and programming from us and if you don’t think it’s  worth it, we will refund the cost of the remote and programming.