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We want you to make confident and educated decisions, so we put  together this Buyer’s Guide. Many of  these subjects take volumes to explain fully, but we have done our best to  give you the essentials.

From TVs to Blu-ray, we have information on everything you’ll need to  build your dream home theater.  There are so many choices out there  that it boggles the mind.  It’s nearly impossible for someone just  getting into this to know what to buy.   DON’T RUSH INTO ANY PURCHASES, AND DON’T TRUST BIG BOX STORE ADVICE! I  got my start at a big box store and I know firsthand what kind of  training they get.  They can be very helpful, but they lack the  knowledge necessary to build an entire system correctly.  You don’t have  to buy from us, but  we can beat almost all big box store prices, so before you buy anything, give us a chance to put together a package for you.

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