Pre-Wiring a House


This is both an easy and a difficult  task.  The idea is very simple.  Run a wire from A to B and leave enough  slack to work with after construction is finished.  Run a wire for  every system you ever dream of installing.  Don’t pinch pennies by  cutting out systems.  Pull more cable than you think you will need.   That’s the easy part.  The tricky part is running the wire correctly.

When you’re running cable there a few things you need to avoid:

Keep all your cables away from electrical cables (12″ for parallel running cables)

Gently secure your wires anywhere where  they might not stay where you want.  Example: coming down the wall  toward the box, near sharp edges, etc.

Remember, if your wires CAN be damaged, they WILL be damaged so play it safe

Don’t let your wires go below the ceiling or anywhere else that the drywallers will crush or cut them

Run your wires together as much as possible.  This will look cleaner and will help prevent damage to your cables.

Use nail plates anytime you run your  wires through studs.  This will prevent people from driving nails or  screws into your wires.

Don’t let your wires rest on the floor.  People will step on them and destroy them.

Most of all, nobody cares about your wires but you.  Take care of them like gold!